At Décor Champ we do a thorough research to help you educate about the best material for the constructing of any kinds of structure. 53 Grade of Cement: This is the high grade of cement where anyone can easily buy from the market. Yes it is a very good question ,as a site engineer you may have observed on bag of cement that Ordinary Portland Cement 53 Grade. OPC 53 Grade Cement is made up of the same composition as OPC 43 Grade Cement. 53-grade cement attains 27 MPa (compression strength) in 3 Days. The load is calculated in newton (N) and the area is calculated in mm 2. It is generally used where high strength is needed such as RCC Bridges, Dams, construction of high rise buildings, construction of sleepers ( for railway), etc. As per the Bureau of Indian Standard, these grades are differentiated by their compressive strengths and these strengths are expressed in megapascal (Mpa) that is N/mm 2. 53-grade cement is an ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), which is the most widely used cement in India. 3) Initial Strength. The Strength of cement having the Compressive strength of 53N/mm 2 is called 53 grade of cement. If you want to know more about the 53 Grade Ordinary Portland cement than you have just landed on the right page. Initial strength of 53 Grade cement is higher than 33 Grade and 43 Grade Cement. Here, you should know the fact is the compressive strength 53 Grade cement does not grow after 28 Days but in the same way 33 Grade and 43 Grade of cement continues to gain strength even after 28 days. Compressive strength is a ratio of load per unit area. It is also the fastest setting cement among other grades. OPC 53 Grade: The 53 Grade portland cement is not used for ordinary construction works. Physical requirements of OPC 53 Grade Cement: 1. 53-grade cement only takes 30 minutes for initial setting, a preferred attribute while working on RCC structures. For 53 Grade OPC Cement, the minimum compressive strength achieved by the cement at the end of the 28th day shouldn’t be less than 53MPa or 530 kg/sqcm. Interesting Fact. 53 Grade Cement- It achieve compressive strength of 53 N/mm 2 In 28 days. One of the basic ingredients used in making a house, office, schools or any building is cement. You can use OPC 53 grade cement for a better strength factor over OPC 43 Grade. OPC 53 Grade and OPC 43 Grade Cement are similar in chemical composition but different in the grinding process. 53 Grade OPC Cement Usages. Ordinary Portland cement has 3 grades that are 33-grade, 43-grade, 53-grade. IS Standards Ordinary Portland cement 53 Grade indicates Compressive strength of cement is 53 N/mm^2 after 28 days of curing . The setting time of cement is quicker when compared with the 33 and 43 grade of cement.
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