We all know English is a global language, ... 10 Reasons to Learn English. Since English is spoken in so many different countries there are thousands of schools and universities around the world that offer programmes in English. Ã’šÃ‚ We learn to appreciate better the topography, natural features, and cultures of different places in the world. The project topic home for MBA, MSC, BSC, PGD, PHD final year student: Browse and read free research project 10 reasons why we study social studies pdf GlobalWebIndex's latest social media usage report shows that more than 40% of people use social media platforms to keep in touch with friends, making this the top reason for social media use globally.. 1. This means asking questions, ... presents 10 reasons why you should study statistics and research methods. Social Science Space. Social Media Today. 10 reasons to study Psychology. ... With English, you can study all over the world. Social Studies is primarily concerned with the study of people, their activities and relationships, as they interact with one another and with their physical and socio-cultural environment in an effort to meet heir needs (to live and to make a living). In a world where we are constantly inundated with information, it’s important to be adept consumers of this knowledge. Ã’šÃ‚ Social studies will also connect us to the past giving meaning to our existence. We see how Confucius, who lived around 500 BC, influenced Chinese culture at each point of their development. But when we study the span of China's 3,000 years of recorded history, we get a much better sense of who they are. Whether we are at that decisive moment of our life when we have to choose what we would like to work in, or if we think it’s time for change and to learn something different, studying Psychology will always be a good option. Social studies makes us aware of the world we live in. In Social Studies, we might study cultural facts about a specific Chinese dynasty. The answers to the above questions can be found when we understand what exactly is Social Studies – Social Science is a branch of study which deals with Human Beings – their behaviour, growth and development, relationships, resources they use and the various institutions they require to function and carry on their life smoothly.
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